Vasiliki Christofi

Trainer & Coach @ Conicon

Personal Information

Mrs Vasiliki Christofi, obtained her BA in Applied Communication (Communication Specialist) at London Metropolitan University, U.K. with Specialization in Public Relations and Gender Communication.

Additionally she is a NAMA (National Anger Management Association) Certified Anger Management Specialist

Mrs. Christofi is the first and only certified (Specialist) in Cyprus and Greece in this field.

Simultaneously, she obtained special training in the fields of Face Micro Expressions and Subtle Expressions by Paul Ekman, USA and Anger Management of Logan Group, USA.

The last 7 years she has been working at Conicon as a Trainer, Personal Consultant / Coach and as Training Manager. She delivers training regularly on various topics with emphasis on Communication and Personal Development, Body Language, Conflict Management, Anger Management with customers, Enhancing Professional Image (Image Building), Public Relations, Event Management,  in a number of professionals from all sectors, including professionals, managers, Insurance Professionals, Customer Service Executives and people who pursue the development of their interpersonal skills.

Concluding Mrs Vasiliki Christofi has the ability to recognize and persuade people to adopt attitudes and behaviors that can assist them develop their Interpersonal Skills.  As a result, she is an active Personal Consultant / Coach for professionals and people in various professions and business sectors.