Manto Patsaoura

Managing Director @ | CareerBuilder Greece & Sweden

Personal Information

An MBA graduate with 11 years of experience in the Human Capital Management field, a proven sales track record (annually awarded for top sales performance) and a passion for building and leading high-performance teams.

I started my career in the telecoms & maritime industry in 2004. In August 2008 I joined as a Key Account Executive, a role I held and excelled at for 3 years before my promotion to Sales Director in 2012. During my 5 years’ tenure as a Sales Director, responsible for a group of 12 Account Executives, my team was recognized as one of the best performing teams in the EMEA group, with outstanding annual sales achievements amidst economic crisis.

I have been the Managing Director and BoD member of Careerbuilder Greece since January 2017, and in 2019 I became Managing Director of CareerBuilder Sweden.

In addition to my professional track record, I was BoD member and Local Committee President of AIESEC in Athens University of Economics & Business (2001-2003), and Teaching Assistant of “Establishing & Sustaining Effective Managerial Interactions” at AUEB’s MBA International (2009-2011).

After 11 years with, I remain committed to the business and our people, and loyal to our mission to “empower employment”, helping candidates make their first or next career step and thus, contributing to the labour market recovery.