Giorgos Karamanolis

Co-Founder & CTO/CIO @ Crowdpolicy

Personal Information

Giorgos Karamanolis is a graduate of the Department of Informatics of the Athens University of Economics and Business (MscIS) and has been working in the last decade on important positions in the development of digital products and services and on large-scale projects. He has participated as a member of project management teams and as an expert in eGovernment and ICT projects in the public sector as well as as a consultant in the development of innovative applications and business systems in the private sector.

The projects that he coordinated technologically include recognized e-government and transparency actions such as ΔΙΑΥΓΕΙΑ,the opengov, platforms and Innovation actions (Open Labs), Public Sector subscriptions and open data models (Opendata), crowdsourcing and service evaluation platforms for the Public Administration and for the Tourism industry etc.

From 2012 he is co-founder and co-ordinator of Technology and Innovation (CTO / CIO) of company’s crowdpolicy. He is responsible for the design of value added services, the development of digital platforms and the strategic placement of digital tools in order to raise financing for the Company’s clients.